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Summer Checkup Carista

Summer Checkup Carista

As we are approaching the scorching heat that the Sun God is to bestow upon us, Carista is also preparing for something. We have put together a special summer checklist for your car, to summer proof your car.

The coming Summer Months, will take a toll on your car and you! So, we put together a little care package to make it better for your car. It is a preventive checklist that can be performed at your doorstep, without voiding your car warranty in any way. It will take our trained technicians 20 minutes tops, to complete the checkup.

Best of all, after the checkup, you will get access to the brand new customer portal at Carista’s website. Get the summer checkup without the obligation to book a service with us. However, we are sure you will choose Carista over your other options. Transparency, Trust and Efficiency is what we stand for!

The 70 point Summer Checklist:

A meticulously put together checklist, covering the most affected domains of the car, due to the summer heat. It rules to check all the critical cooling systems, air conditioning systems and the business end of the automobile. The exhaustive 70 point checklist covers the Engine System, the Air-conditioning System, Brakes System, Electrical System, Tyres and other critical systems that may get affected due to the soaring mercury.

The most critical of the sub-systems that are also a part of the checklist are Radiator system for engine cooling, Air conditioning condenser system for heat exchange, AC belts and Water-pump belts, and AC Blower and Grill for a great Air-conditioning performance in the car.

The completed checklist will be presented to the owner in hard and soft copy post the checkup. You can access the same by logging in to the Carista Pit, with your registered email ID. It’s one place for all your vehicle related problems.

The Services:

The services will be performed by our Trained Technicians, at your doorstep. Our Mobile Car Garage will pull up at your driveway and perform the services right at your parking lot. The duration for the checkup is 20-25 minutes, right in front of your eyes. You don’t have to worry about the mechanic doing donuts, taking your car to a Garage anymore!

The Carista Summer Care Package comes with all the consumables needed for the services. The Technician opens the package in your presence, and goes about checking the car on the critical 70 points. Upon completion of the checklist, you will be handed over the observations from the checkup. The most critical systems like the AC blower, AC Condenser, and Radiator will be checked and cleaned with pressurized medium to ensure through air flow and heat transfer.

Other systems like Engine Oil, Coolant reservoir level, the Brake Fluid, their condition will be noted, and criticality of the services will be clearly communicated after the checkup. Carista is a mobile car garage, and is fully equipped to perform the services right at your doorstep, at a time of your choice.

How do I see the reports Online?

Upon the completion of the service, you will be granted access to Carista Pit- a one stop portal, for all your previous services, health reports, pending services of your car with Carista. You can check your history, invoices, details of spare parts replaced and the car health reports that have been performed.



Will your summer checklist void my Warranty?

The checklist that will be performed will be thoroughly only a preventive check on your car. Warranty imposed by manufacturers will not be void in any way. The whole checklist will be non-intrusive in all possible ways. We only use Genuine spare-parts, procured directly from Manufacturer’s supply chain, so that only the best of the experience is delivered to the car owners.

Carista is a multi-brand mobile car garage. A solution to all your service needs, right at your doorstep.

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