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Carista's Journey

Carista’s Journey

We at Carista always put the customers first. Thinking from their shoes to understand their problems, and come up with solutions.

What started off as a Car Workshop Aggregator, and we are now a Car Garage. Because, we understood that we can’t aggregate a market where there is zero transparency, inefficient and bad customer experience. As a car owner, you have never had a good experience with car servicing, till you paid more than what you were supposed to. You were never in the driver’s seat actually, your pocket was!

But with Carista, you are always in control. Be it the selection of the services, to the time and place you want the services to be done. You can checkout our prices, without the obligation to book a service. You can summon our workshop and team of trusted mechanics to a location of your choice. Rest assured, we use Genuine spare-parts, and qualified technicians to perform the job.

We refused to serve anything less to the customer, than what he deserves. As car owners, you deserve better customer experience. Stories of how a renowned dealership garages messed up, and Carista helped the customer get his car back to shape are dozen a rupee.

Carista Doorstep Service

Carista Doorstep Service


Carista Doorstep Service

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Carista Doorstep Service


Try Carista’s mobile app, checkout the flexibility it offers, without an obligation of booking a service. You can also get in touch with us at or +91 910-887-6872

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