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Not long ago when we had a small local garage, where we used to be-friend the mechanic, to get some quick fixes, oil changes, jumpstarts etc. from him. Then came along the Car manufacturers  whose entire brand was built on the premise of customer satisfaction. Then came multiple dealership garages, to cater to all the cars that they had sold.

Carista'sCar Service

Carista’sCar Service

Meanwhile, the car owner reduced to nothing but a Car Number in the database of lakhs of car owners!  How in the middle of all this, can Carista claim to deliver an excellent car service experience, with no up-selling and great quality?

Service Experience of your Dreams- A tall promise?

Certainly not. Carista delivers the services through own manpower and workshop fleet, directly to your driveway. All the technicians are manufacturer trained and certified to service cars. The manpower undergo a comprehensive 14 day training before being certified fit to be a part of our Elite Pitcrew!

Genuine manufacturer certified spare-parts ensure your car too shares the same awesome service experience as you do.

Have a problem with car. How to book a service?

You can log-in to and add your car and book it for a service. Choose from the entire range of services that you may want for your car. You can also download our Android App and book a service within 30 seconds!

F-1 of Car Services is Here

F-1 of Car Services is Here

We also have the option of ‘I dont know what’s wrong!’ Our pitcrew and mobile workshop will be at your doorstep to diagnose the problem in your car.

Our customer helpline number +91 910-887-6872 is open through the day for any questions or requests you may have.

It’s time for the service!

Our team will get in touch with you over the phone 24 hours before the scheduled service, and confirm the services. Our Pitcrew and Mobile Car Garage will pull-up at your driveway at the scheduled time for the service, on-time.

Carista Car Service

Carista Car Service

All the required spare-parts are presented to the customer in a security proof bag, ensuring their authenticity. Our Pitcrew works out of our mobile workshop parked adjacent to the car. The workshop is fully equipped to service your car, right at your doorstep. Any problems that may be lurking beneath the hood are diagnosed and repaired.

Carista Car Services

Genuine Spares

It’s customary to take the vehicle out for a road-test to assess the road dynamics and ride quality of the car. Services are performed in 90 minutes, without having to wait at a garage for days together! For any services that may need more than 90 minutes, we make sure to give you a heads-up during the time of confirmation, to help you plan better.

Got the car serviced. How to pay?

Service is completed only after the jobs performed are explained in detail. After the service, an invoice is sent over email, with a convenient payment link. The entire array of convenient payment options like net-banking, credit or debit cars is made available! No more haggling for cash for paying the bill.

Carista Car Service

Online Payments

Any problems that may surface in the near future are made available to you in your personal Carista Pit, after the service is performed. Carista pit provides you with all the information on the services performed (ever!), with the problems with the car that may surface in the near future. We will radio you from the pits if you need any reminders on getting your car fixed.


Customer Testimonial

At Carista, we don’t look at car owner just as a car number, but something more. We see a customer in every car, not as another entry in the Dealership’s Database! We promise to you, as to other customers, to deliver an exceptional car service experience.

If you have a car which is out of warranty (Typically 2 years) you really don’t really have a reason to go back to a dealership for service. Even otherwise, the horror stories of swapping spare-part, scratching the vehicle (probably inadvertently) is commonplace. So, give Carista a try today. Genuine spare-parts, estimates upfront, trained technicians and brilliant experience overall!


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