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Carista Car Service

Carista Team

The Month was November 2015. We had a prototype of a mobile car workshop, and a calling list of Friends and Family with cars. We had just moved into our current 150 sq feet office in the basement of a office tower in the business district of Bangalore. It still gives us the feel of a garage-startup 🙂 (Pun Intended)

It was 1 year since I quit my day job as a after-sales territory manager at Maruti Suzuki India Limited. It was 4 months since my current co-founder and me called it quits with our earlier failed workshop aggregator startup We spoke to 30 car owners and decided to pursue multi-brand car service, as every second customer had a problem with his dealership garage!

It was followed by 60 days of physical+mentally demanding work, and presenting our idea at a startup pitching event Exhibeta. It was very critical, as we got live validation from the car owners about our idea. We set out to build the prototype and the product from the feedback that day.

Carista Journey

The Journey Till Now

A 3-line text email sans jargon/projections/ HTML

It was also the time, when ‘Home Service Marketplace’ was the buzzword. Armed with ‘contact-us’ email IDs, we wrote to a bunch of them. We wanted to be listed as a service provider. It was a very simple 3-liner email with salutation and a signature, no jargon, no projections, not even HTML. Just text.

We got reverts from a handful, explaining the listing process, and documents required. Among them, was a revert from a unicorn. Making it more special, was that it was from the COO!

It was concise with 3 lines asking if we could meet or talk over phone. Since they are from the same city, we offered to drop by their place. We thought it was regular to be invited over, as we were an off-beat startup. A week later, we arrived at their office, passed the security chec

We were thinking if it was normal to be called in for a meeting with the COO, for asking to be listed on their platform? The answer was a huge NO…. as we understood later.

The Meeting & Fine Print

In the room were the COO and the automotive category head. It was little more than an hour long, asking about our journey so far, followed by how’s and why’s. Why a service provider and not an aggregator. Why because, one never sees good car garages that are empty, and aggregation doesn’t solve the demand-supply mismatch. More importantly, why-not because, we had already done it with, learnt lessons and exited before any of the present day aggregators went mainstream

The fine print was that we immediately stop what we were doing at Carista, and join them.

An hour into the meeting, the unthinkable happened! We were made an offer, to join the unicorn. With fat paycheck, an enviable designation and a team of developers. Adding to it, was the scope of leading it Pan-India. Become an employee, manage the team and meet the launch road map. The fine print was that we immediately stop what we were doing at Carista, and join them.

It still goes above our heads sometimes, just thinking how we ended up at that place. Barely 4 months into our new startup, aimed at the un-organized car after-sales market, braving the high walls built by the car manufacturers. We were given a couple of days time to think over it and get back about the offer.

Financial insecurity can’t be your trump card!

Carista Car Service


We understood that negotiations mean, breaking the opponent by stating the obvious. And, they are pointless if the team is together, and towards the bigger picture. Financial security (or rather the insecurity!) is not shit scary as it used to be, at-least not for two 25 year old founders with a strong resolve! So, next time you plan negotiation moves for your company, know the other side of the table first!

Being no.1 in terms of volumes is nothing compared to No.1 in customer satisfaction. Being 1% of something big, is not even close to being 100% of something you believe in.

Here we are, after 6 months. We are still working out of our basement office, and recently expanded our team. We are going stronger every day, and hearing so many horror stories from customers about their car servicing experience else-ware motivates us to work harder!

And, yeah. We didn’t take the deal. Because we both believed in our product. Building something that’s of immense value to the customers, fascinated us more.

Carista Car Service

Doorstep Car Service

Getting shit done is not sexy, but somebody gotta do it!

Getting shit done is not sexy. If it’s you who is doing it, people are there to recognize it, and appreciate it. All you have to do is to ‘Execute’. Its harder than we think it is. But maybe all it requires is strong resolve, which is the stuff entrepreneurs are made up of!

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Doorstep Car Services

Carista is a mobile car garage, delivering services through our mobile workshop van. Our technicians arrive at your doorstep and perform all the services at a fraction of the time compared to a traditional garage. All the bells and whistles like genuine spares, warranty and certified technicians. Give us a try!

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