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Car maintenance could be time-consuming and costly exercise but if you keep on top of everything it doesn’t need to be. Five of the most important aspects of car maintenance to help you stay safe and save money in the long run. The following things have to be checked at least once in 3 months.


When you remember that the only point of contact your car has with the road is its tyres, then you will understand why checking them regularly is the top priority. To check your tyres start off by consulting your owner’s manual or the inside of your driver’s door for the correct pressures.

air pressures mentioned on the chassis of the car

Air pressure mentioned on the chassis of the car

Once you’ve checked these don’t forget those vital visual checks too. Look at the tyres for cracks. Inspect the tread pattern for uneven wear and make sure that the tyres walls aren’t damaged caused due to curving.


tyre walls damaged due to curving

Tyre walls damaged due to Kerbing

Engine oil

Because the purpose of oil is to lubricate the moving parts of the engine. A simple check of oil every 2-4 weeks will prolong your engines life. If the levels are low then you top up.Make sure you don’t overfill the engine.Simply check the mark on the dipstick, you will be golden!



Engine oil dipstick

As a side note, if you notice that your engine needs to top up regularly that could be a sign of a problem.

Engine Coolant

with all those moving parts under the bonnet engines create a lot of heat when in use. That’s why it is vital to make sure that your radiator coolant levels are topped up.


Coolant reservoir

If you let your levels drop than the engines heat has no way of escaping and here it lies the trouble. So check the levels regularly and top up with suitable coolant when needed.


It might sound obvious but if you don’t keep an eye on your brakes stopping can become an issue and that is officially a bad thing! Brake pads are usually the first to wear out, so check them every three months.

worn out brake pad (L) vs the new one(R).

Worn out brake pad (L) vs the new one(R).

Take a look at the discs while they wear. If your discs have a noticeable lip on the outside or they are badly fitted then you should think about getting new discs and pads pretty soon.


Brake discs


Seeing where you are going and being seen at night is pretty damn important but there’s more to it than that other road users must be able to know what you’re doing.

The second you notice you have headlights out you should replace them. The same goes with the brake lights and indicators and everything that illuminates on the exterior of your car.

With all the basic checks in place remember to drive safe and look after each other.  Get your car checked before a long drive or fun road trip with your family, our mobile garages come and fix your cars right in your driveway!


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